Monday, 30 January 2017

Favourite walking spots/green spaces

It seems that those that are not native to the city assume that all the city has to offer are high rise buildings road after road. That is not wholly the case. From Hyde Park to Regent's Park there are a plethora of green spaces on offer that can take you away from the busy, hectic city life.

Below, highlights one of my favourite local spot in North London to go for a long walk or a jog. The endless fields can really clear your mind and is great way to wind down.

Here, is the popular Primrose Hill. You feel a real sense of achievement when you reach the top - it's nearly 63 metres above sea level! There's one heck of a view at the summit, you get to see a great skyline of London including The Shard, Cheese Grater and BT Tower. Nearby, there is an array of boutique shops such as Graham and Green and great places to eat like the Greenberry CafĂ©, which incidentally do the greatest maple syrup glazed bacon #mouthwatering !!!


What are you favourite walking spots and green spaces?

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